Monday, 27 May 2019

The Slough of Despond

Really am struggling to produce anything worthwhile lately.
Looking back over the past year, with all its trials and tribulations, I've realised that an awful lot of my work has been absolute tosh. With one or two notable exceptions, I've managed to churn out some real stinkers. Part of this is the regularity of Tuesdays at the studio - being there, having to work, regardless of inspiration - the rest is down to serious self-doubt, bereavement, mild depression, caring responsibilities, excuse-making, general ennui, serious self-doubt...

I have sold a few works though, nothing very major but enough to keep the spreadsheet ticking over.

I made, I think, a pretty good self-portrait 
(The Ruth Borchard prize judges didn't think it was good enough though)

And then, I made this:

(which I'm rather pleased with)
(and which the Ruskin prize judges haven't rejected yet)

It's called "Greta" and is rather large (1500x1000mm).
So, perhaps all is not lost.
Perhaps I'm not completely shit

Sometimes feels like it though.