Friday, 13 January 2017

Oops, long time no post

Back in May in fact.
Since then the  Fire Monkeys have had a successful start and are now looking at ways to kick on and make a real success of the enterprise. We have over twenty active members sharing a studio both for working and as an outlet for our wares. Having a set time in a studio, while I have none of my own, has been a blessing even on those days when inspiration has been low, and it has been so interesting working alongside other artists, watching the way they work and observing what goes into their individual styles and techniques. 
All this positivity has led to perhaps my best work for a while:

Inspired by the continuing plight of the African elephant, and completed mostly with a palette knife in acrylics, it's called "Tusk" and I'm pleased to say has attracted and excellent reaction so far. So much so that I'm getting it properly photographed from which I'll have giclée prints made (available from and will be donating a percentage of all sales to elephant charities.