Monday, 6 July 2015

Sickert in Dieppe

Walter Sickert, L’Hôtel Royal, Dieppe, 1894, oil on canvas, 50.2 x 61 cm, Museums Sheffield

Had a really lovely morning at the Pallant House Gallery last Saturday. As friends of the gallery we took the opportunity to attend the pv of their new exhibition "Sickert in Dieppe". They're a lovely bunch down there and very drinkable coffee was provided to accompany a short talk on the exhibition from curator Katy Norris, which was light and informative without being overladen in detail.
The exhibition itself takes up six rooms on the first floor of the gallery and charts Sickert's whole career through the lens of his time in Dieppe. It's a fascinating journey. I only really knew the rather dour Camden Town paintings and as a result was not a big fan but this exhibition had me reassessing this position and, thanks to the good job done by PHG and Ms Norris, I came out far more appreciative of his work than before.