Friday, 8 May 2015


Another exercise.
Draw the shape that the model fits into.
Make a contour drawing of the model within that shape.
Make interesting.

Several short poses later with the model in various crouching positions:

Very happy with this, and it got lots of positive feedback on the night. I think this, following on from last week, is one of the more useful exercises in that it makes you see the overall shape and size of your model better, helping with proportion.
Incidentally, she was wearing a loose, smock-like dress and large straw hat.

The next drawing was over a longer time scale, reclining, different clothing.
Same idea, work out the overall shape then complete the drawing.

I was at the "foot end", tricky, but again I'm very pleased with this. 
I do like a thick black line, it just seems to work for me. This (and the first) was done in Conté with lots of smearing finger work.

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