Wednesday, 16 October 2013

At arm's length

Tonight's class challenged us to make marks using charcoal, chalk and/or wet media attached to the end of a stick or cane. The first is charcoal and ochre and white pastel:

The second is Indian ink, charcoal, and ochre, white and pink pastel on blue paper:

The ink was applied using one of those fluffy promotional goggley-eyed things taped to a bamboo cane!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gravity night

Tonight's first exercise was to explore the effect of gravity on the body. The result is a pair of drawings ostensibly of a seated figure BUT, the one on the right was actually drawn while the model was lying down in a seated pose. The result shows up any flaws in your depiction of weight and I'm quite pleased with mine.

Next was a pose based on the Thinker. Less successful this one, requiring quite a radical adjustment of the leg length. The pose wasn't brilliant either; too closed, especially from my angle. Anyway;

Finally, a rapid reclining pose. Quite pleased with this.

(I'm also quite pleased with my heads this week)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Here's the thing

The trouble is, much as I love to draw, no-one has ever sat me down and shown me how to do it - not since school anyway, and then it was things not people.
This is manifesting itself as having terrible trouble getting the model's head right - sometimes it's just awful. I have resolved to fix this mental block though so am determined it doesn't become an issue.
Anyway. last night went quite well (apart from the head thing) and I also realised that I'm ok with the very short poses and with the much longer ones, it's those 10 minute ones that, bizarrely, I have trouble with. I'm not sure why!

Quite pleased with the legs though.