Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Omega Printmaker's Exhibition

Quick visit to the Omega Printmakers Exhibition at Portsmouth Cathedral today. Searing heat outside gave way to welcome coolness as we went in to what is a very interesting selection of printmaker's work. Also caught up with Amanda and Mary, which was nice.

I've ordered some lino, so it must have been at least a little inspiring!

An experiment

I thought it might be fun to doodle various parts of a person's face separately and then see if I could reassemble them later. So I took the resulting scribbles and dropped them into Illustrator:

Could be worse, but I'm not sure the subject would agree!

Friday, 5 July 2013

And then there was the portraiture

Midway through the life drawing course the tutor, Chris Wood , ran a portraiture workshop. I was nervous about it but really welcomed the opportunity to work on drawing heads and faces, which I worry is a considerable weakness of mine. 
The result of the workshop was this:

I was reasonably pleased with it and was even happier when the model was obviously thrilled 
("Oh wow, thank you!"),

Since then I've had a stab at a "selfie" in acrylics:

Not as successful, but not too bad.

Life drawing notes

The last 10 or so weeks I have been taking a life drawing class. Seems simple enough doesn't it? However, although it was billed as an advanced class, it became clear very quickly that it was much more experimental than that (we had also managed to join what was actually the third term of a year's course). 
The first class was all about scale and was brilliant. I did this:
and this:

I found it really liberating to work at such a scale (the first of these is A0) and the release was intoxicating.

As the course went on, more and more emphasis was placed on other influences on drawing interpretation like, memory, sound, light, line and space:

Some of the weeks were very challenging indeed!

After a couple of years of not doing anything much this was both a hugely welcome opportunity, and a massive challenge; sometimes I felt like I was thrashing about in the deep end trying not to drown. 

It starts again in September, this time from (more or less) the beginning, although I suspect not 'first principles'.

And I can't wait.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

There's comfort in melancholy

My life is a heady mix of terror and pragmatism spiced with brief interludes of joy.
When I get round to it I'll blog here about art. Mostly mine.